Thursday, May 17, 2007

Long time indeed

First I must apologize for not writing for a long time, but have been busy and doing everything more important. And it's been silent lately.

Fortunately now the phase 1 of OpenMoko based phone Neo1973 is near. It's means that some devices will be available for developers to order. I try to be one of those lycky ones, but let's see first how many of these devices they're able to get for sale. Hopefully enough.

Meanwhile I got Nokia N800 (for the discounted price, thanks goes for Nokia) and had some time to play with it. It's quite impressive and a real improvement from 770. Now there's enough memory and CPU seems fast enough. It makes a really good tool with GPS receiver and Maemo mapper. Used it a few times to navigate while being at a car. And the media player is also a good piece of software, for example I tried playing music over UPnP from a friend's Windows XP Media center edition and it did a nice job. But again I have had a very little time to play with it more and implementing my own stuff for it.

Hopefully I have more time in future to update this blog but until then it's a bye.

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