Friday, July 25, 2008

Asus Eee PC

Recently I visited London. The trip was nice and I enjoyed the atmosphere, nice people and the feel of a big city. However I was lucky enough to get one Asus Eee PC 900 with 8.9" display, 900 MHz CPU, 1 GB memory and 20 GB SSD hard drive. It didn't cost too much, and got even extra warranty. It's UK version so no finnish key layout, and the power plug is also UK so got to purchase also a converter to make it work on european standard outlet.

Now I'm using the default Xandros distribution, got terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and I'm able to use apt-get. Nice system but I think I want more. Next thing is to try Eeebuntu and see if I like it better.

But I'll report more when I know better. Have a great summer...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Some tricks with N810

Recently I got Nokia N810. Of course I installed Handhelds Mojo "grumpy" on it. The installation process was not painless. Some struggling around and it booted to the login prompt. I was wise enought to set up a normal user and a password for it so I was able to login (N810 includes a keyboard, nice).

But that was just not enough. I wanted X. Easiest way seemed to be to compile Xomap package for the grumpy system. For my surprise it was quite easy job, some tweaking of course, but I got X running quite easily.

I got even touchscreen working, but HW keys just didn't want to work. There is quite a same situation, but unfortunately didn't find solution for that. Also mailed a question to the author of the post but got no reply from him.

However I'm quite glad to get this all working (grumpy + Xomap) on N810. It just proves that the Handhelds Mojo project is a piece of great work