Monday, July 07, 2008

Some tricks with N810

Recently I got Nokia N810. Of course I installed Handhelds Mojo "grumpy" on it. The installation process was not painless. Some struggling around and it booted to the login prompt. I was wise enought to set up a normal user and a password for it so I was able to login (N810 includes a keyboard, nice).

But that was just not enough. I wanted X. Easiest way seemed to be to compile Xomap package for the grumpy system. For my surprise it was quite easy job, some tweaking of course, but I got X running quite easily.

I got even touchscreen working, but HW keys just didn't want to work. There is quite a same situation, but unfortunately didn't find solution for that. Also mailed a question to the author of the post but got no reply from him.

However I'm quite glad to get this all working (grumpy + Xomap) on N810. It just proves that the Handhelds Mojo project is a piece of great work

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