Monday, November 19, 2007

Some recent FIC Neo 1973 experiences

I have been playing with my Neo 1973 phone for some time. I tested Qtopia and it looked nice and got phone calls working for the first time. However it's not designed mainly for Neo 1973 and the experience was not too nice. It lacks something.

Recently there was a new OpenMoko image released, and of course I had to flash it to my device. The look was upgraded and the phone calls was finally working! Had some bugs, but it was working. I was able to make and receive calls.

Also tried to compile my own test application, and had some success. I was able to get "Hello world" on the console. Waiting to get something more working, for example a GTK+ app would be nice to get running. But until that I keep on playing with this thing and will report as soon I get some results...

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