Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome

Recently Google announced their web browser project called Chrome. They also released beta version for Windows. It seems to be a interesting project. Especially when they say that it's released as open source.

The main renderer of Chrome is based on Webkit. Webkit is quite good browser engine used for example by Apple Safari, Nokia S60 web browser and Google Android. On top of that Google has made it's own JavaScript engine, which seems to be faster than any other JavaScript engine on the market.

One good idea on Chrome is that every tab is it's own process. Also JavaScript runs on it's own thread making the web experience more better. Since traditional browser runs all tasks in queue it means that when one task is taking a long time, others must wait for it.

My first impressions about Google Chrome is that it includes great innovations and ideas, but I have also my doubts. There been also criticism about the EULA. What I'm waiting is that other browsers adapts ideas from Google Chrome and so everybody would benefit even if they don't want to use the Google's browser. I'm sure that Mozilla Firefox project will react soon. Better browsing times are about to come...

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