Monday, July 17, 2006

About GPS

Currently I'm on Dublin having a vacation. Thought that navigating through the city could be made easy. Having a Nokia 770 and GPS receiver at the home. The problem: they're at home, I'm in Ireland.

I have been testing GpsDrive and Maemo Mapper with 770. Both of them seems nice, however GpsDrive works better for me. Maemo Mapper has it's benefits and disadvantages. It uses Google maps which are nice, it's designed for mobile use and is lighter but it does not work as well with the GPS receiver and does not have as much features as the GpsDrive.

GpsDrive works well, but is far away from lightweigth and usable mobile application and the current version for maemo is just a dirty hack. It's loosing connection to the GPS receiver after some amount of time and the only thing that helps is to reboot the 770. I'd like to see improved version from both of them. It could be a real killer app. Some preconfured map sets would help end users to utilize them. Caching maps from the Internet - it should be easy as navigating through the map with a cross controller.

As a summary I'd like to use my 770 to locate myself and to see where to go, but didn't remember to take the device with me and secondly didn't wanted to because the software is not too usable yet. I have some ideas to improve the software but unfortunately running out of time. Would be nice from you people to help me out, please improve maemo GPS apps.

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