Thursday, July 13, 2006

The grand opening

Greeting, I'm opening a brand new blog about open source software, specially concentrating on Linux from embedded point of view.

A bit of myself. I'm twentysomething Finnish boy, computer activist, had a computer since 1989, intrested about open source, specially Linux, used it for a several years in home and work, working for a company named Nomovok which provides open source based solutions. I'm studying computer science at the university planned to graduate at some point. However computers are not my whole life, I still have a contact to the reality. But that's enough of me, lets get to the business.

About the blog. I'm following Linux kernel mailing list and will pick up some interesting things from it, also intrested about GTK+ and Gnome, discussing about other projects as well, commenting embedded Linux solutions like Nokia 770 and Maemo, gathering infomation also from Slashdot and other news sources.

Hopefully you find this blog interesting. Happy hacking.

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