Friday, February 29, 2008

Rooting my NAS

I purchased a Buffalo Linkstation Live NAS. It was at first a nice toy. Then I figured it was running Linux. The adventure begins.

Little search at Google showed that it's possible to gain telnet and root access to the box. I was totally excited to get the root shell prompt on my terminal. This seems to be too good to be true, but suprisingly it was. I was able to get uname and statistics via procfs. Setuped the SSH and was able to login to the box.

Next I installed ipkg system on it using these instructions. I was able to install packages! Installed screen and irssi and in several minutes I was using IRC on the box.

There's a lot of packages available to the device and just can't even imagine what to do next. I have a NAS box, which can be extended to a real server with any applications I want to run. It has a quite a big amount of disc space (500 GB), and it didn't even cost a much. I'm impressed. For people looking a quiet, small and handy server, I can recommend purchasing one of these. I will continue playing with this and will report if there will be some more findings.

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